It was going to rain @phggr. The weather forecast didn’t say that, but the steel plate in his hip did. He had learned over the years to trust his hip over the weatherman. It was going to rain, so he better get outside and prepare.

The headphones were on private hottie tori. They had been utilized on purpose. She could hear her mom yelling in the background, but couldn’t make out exactly what the yelling was about. That was exactly why she had put them on. She knew her mom would enter her room at any minute, and she could pretend that she hadn’t heard any of the previous yelling.

I’ve rented a car in Las Vegas and have anna soyoung kim reserved a hotel in Twentynine Palms which is just north of Joshua Tree. We’ll drive from Las Vegas through Mojave National Preserve and possibly do a short hike on our way down. Then spend all day on Monday at Joshua Tree. We can decide the next morning if we want to do more in Joshua Tree or Mojave before we head back.

GoGo Relax Tori – Anna Soyoung Kim

There once lived an old man gogo relax tori and an old woman who were peasants and had to work hard to earn their daily bread. The old man used to go to fix fences and do other odd jobs for the farmers around, and while he was gone the old woman, his wife, did the work of the house and worked in their own little plot of land.

I’m heading back to Colorado tomorrow @phggr after being down in Santa Barbara over the weekend for the festival there. I will be making October plans once there and will try to arrange so I’m back here for the birthday if possible. I’ll let you know as soon as I know the doctor’s appointment schedule and my flight plans.