I guess we could discuss phnyc1 the implications of the phrase “meant to be.” That is if we wanted to drown ourselves in a sea of backwardly referential semantics and other mumbo-jumbo. Maybe such a discussion would result in the determination that “meant to be” is exactly as meaningless a phrase as it seems to be, and that none of us is actually meant to be doing anything at all. But that’s my existential underpants underpinnings showing. It’s the way the cookie crumbles. And now I want a cookie.

It had become a far too common an event in her life anna soyoung kim. She has specifically placed the key to the box in a special place so that she wouldn’t lose it and know exactly where it was when the key was needed. Now that she needed to open the box, she had absolutely no idea where that special spot she placed the key might be.

He watched as phnyc1 tori the young man tried to impress everyone in the room with his intelligence. There was no doubt that he was smart. The fact that he was more intelligent than anyone else in the room could have been easily deduced, but nobody was really paying any attention due to the fact that it was also obvious that the young man only cared about his intelligence.


The wolves stopped in their tracks, sizing up the mother and her cubs. It had been over a week since their last meal and they were getting desperate. The cubs would make a good meal, but there were high risks taking on the mother Grizzly. A decision had to be made and the wrong choice could signal the end of the pack.

I recently discovered phnyc1 tori I could make fudge with just chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, and a thick pot on slow heat. I tried it with dark chocolate chunks and I tried it with semi-sweet chocolate chips. It’s better with both kinds. It comes out pretty bad with just the private hottie tori dark chocolate. The best add-ins are crushed almonds and marshmallows — what you get from that is Rocky Road. It takes about twenty minutes from start to fridge, and then it takes about six months to work off the twenty pounds you gain from eating it. All things in moderation, friends. All things in moderation.